*** PHP 5.6 To 7.3

*** MYSQL 5+

*** PHP MBString Extension

*** PHP DOM Extension

*** PHP GD Extension

*** PHP MYSQLI Extension

*** PHP PDO Extention

*** PHP CURL Extention

*** PHP ZIP Extention

*** allow_url_fopen Enable

*** Internet Connection

Unzip and copy the script folder in your hosting server.
Make sure in script folder index.php and .htaccess file have permission as 644
Make sure in script folder uploads and mvc/config folder have permission as 777
Manually create a database in “Phpmyadmin”.
Run the install script path from any web browser (http://server.com/install/index).
if pre-install checklist seems all ok then click next
Provide Codecanyon purchase code and then click next.
Provide database hostname, database name, username and password.
After filling up all input fields, press next.
Provide timezone and click next
Then fill up organization information and admin login information.
Now click 'go to login'
Good Luck!!!